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Onnig Atamian, Michael Ayrton, Prunella Clough, Bjorn Erling Evensen, Paul Feiler, Arthus Giardelli, Patrick Hayman, Adolf Hoffmeister


Grosvenor Gallery




Bather, Family Group, Sunbathers with Dog, Man in Window, Dog, Bather with Towel, Seated Man with Dog, Reclining Man with Child, Little Girl with Tramp, Little Girl Whispering to Old Man, Wave, Running Sea, Mogador, Flight of Gulls Bird in Bone, False Phoenix, Garden: study, Painting, Urban Detail, Edge with leaf I, Edge with leaf II, Deed I, Deed II, Deed III, Deed IV, Deed V, Against Wall I, Against Wall III, Wall, The Ship I, The Ship II, Gate, Memorial to A Girl Killed in War I, Memorial to A Girl Killed in War II. Figure, Arms I, Arms II, Arms III, Arms IV, Related Forms I, Related Forms II, Related Forms III, Related Forms IV, Related Forms V, Related Forms VI, Related Forms VII, Enclosed Form Brown, Moving Circles Yellow, Intersected Sphere, Panel, Corwen Panel, October Panel, Stockholm Panel, Fragments, Composition, Violet Reflections, Virgin and Child, The Girl Soldier, St. John and The Dauphin of France, Pyramus and Thisbe, Days by the Sea, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Family and Burning Town, The Fall of Byzantium, Moses and the Burning Bush, Still Life with Fish and Watch, F. Kafka II, F. Kafka III, F. Kafka IV


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