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Albert Werth, Riena van Graan, Frieda van Proosdy Harmse, Lionel Abrams, Gunther van der reis, andrew verster, ernest ullmann, fred schimmel, lionel abrams, dirk meerkotter, olivia watson, wendy malan, dirk meerkotter, wendy vincent, raymond andrews, andrew verster, giuseppe cattaneo, zakkie eloff, bettie cilliers barnard, cecil skotnes, walter battiss, hannes harrs,


Pretoria Art Gallery, University of South Africa, South African Department of Information,


Tel Aviv, South Africa


Schelia, study of a helmet, fragments of wall, moon owl, gray morning, sanders beach, graphic forms, great fertility in red and blue, chromatic fugues, vapour, zebra, three streets, without title, tree man, vulture, sacred lbis, scottburgh days Paul in the centre, the dove, the bird, the hill, the gnu, communication 1, Shaka figure, communication 4, falling rocks, pond and dog, dancing maiden, umantindane (evil spirit), symbolic figures,


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