page 78



Year 1973


Lionel Abrams, Armando Baldinelli, George Boys, Richard Cheales, Trevor Coleman, Diederich During, Sydney Goldblatt, Bill Hart, Mrs Mandy, Dirk Meerkotter, Larry Scully, Cecil Skotnes, C P M Hattingh


Art West Ridge, Witwatersrand Technical Art School, Central School, Florida Park High School, Sao Paulo Biennale, Paries Biennale, The South African National Gallery, Hester Rupert Museum, Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna Lyceum, School of Advanced Arts, Venice Biennale, Witwatersrand Technical Art School, The Star, Africana Museum, University of Witwatersrand, Royal Anthropological Institute, Victoria and Albert Museum, Hester Rupert Gallery, Rhodes Gallery, Anglo French Art Centre, Kind George IV Gallery, Ann Bryant Gallery, Israel Museum, Pretoria Boys High School, Department of the Johannesburg College of Education, Municipal Art Galleries, Northern Transvaal Chamber of Industries Building, President Hotel


Roodepoort, Johannesburg


“page 78,” Skotnes family archive, accessed September 22, 2021,